Think of your spine as the foundation for a building. If the foundation was off, could you expect the floors to creak, the walls to crack, the windows to break down? Now you can spend time repairing all the damage, but you would be doing so with the expectation that it’s just a matter of short time that the problems would…

….Relapse Again….and Again….

And suddenly instead of achieving a true correction, we’re relying on chiropractic like a patch on the road.

Strong Foundation

Get Back to Normal!

At Inverell Chiropractic Centre, rather than constantly repairing damage we’ve chosen to fix the underlying source of the problem. If you are tired of constantly patching the problem and you’re looking for a solution that you can both feel AND see for yourself, then our office may be the right place for you.  Once the structure has been stabilised, then we’ll teach you how to keep it that way through specific and customized recommendations designed for your spine, so that the problem doesn’t come back.