Inverell Chiropractic Centre has been a central figure in the health care system of our community for over 41 years. As such we have been in the lives of many babies who have grown up and we now take care of their children.

The children are our future and we know as a parent, one of the most important roles we have is to teach and encourage our children to be healthy from an early age.

Tension and shifts of spinal joints can have wide-ranging effects on a baby’s body, from being slightly irritable or having restricted movement, to colic, digestive issues and sleep disturbances. When any part of a person’s spine is not working well it can affect the function of the nerves passing through that region and may result in reduced or altered function in any organ or system in their body.

At Inverell Chiropractic Centre, both doctors are highly trained in specific techniques and methods that are specialized for babies and children.

Just want to talk to the doctor about your baby?

We understand that parents can have lots of questions about chiropractic and children, and at times maybe even reservations. That’s okay, we offer transparency and honesty around why we take care of so many children in our office. We encourage you to take the opportunity to talk to our doctors to see if chiropractic is suitable for your child and their development.


We understand that having a baby can be one of the most rewarding and challenging times in a person’s life.

We also know that it can be a common time that some women may experience lower back pain, sciatica, digestive complaints.

Our goals for care during pregnancy is very simple;

  • Help expecting mums experience a comfortable pregnancy and to help facilitate an uncomplicated labor and delivery

After giving birth, women also experience massive changes in their bodies. Specific chiropractic adjustments after delivery can help your body recover more quickly and cope with new physical demands as you prepare to carry an increasingly heavy baby around.